Mass Effect 3 – Update

Mass Effect 3And there we have it! Mass Effect 3 demo can be downloaded!
And so I did, first I thought that I would let it be and just wait for the release. But as we all know, it cannot happen.
After downloading the game and installed it through the new tool Origin (that is used in any EA game) I launched it up.

First look at the game menu system and selection of what you want to play is also changed. You can select three types of gameplay.
Pure action, the classic Mass Effect gameplay, or more intense cinematic gameplay where the fighting is easier.

How much more the menu system and character selection is changed is up to you to discover. Without giving out any spoilers incase you want to skip the demo game I can only say it is towards the good side.
I will not say anything about what you do in the demo, where you travel or anything that will spoil it for you. Instead we can talk about the concept of cinematic and graphics, aswell the game mechanics.

The cinematic and music are jaw dropping, and this is more than I’ve hoped for. It is just Bioware style. Just perfection! Excellent work!
Mechanics feels more alive, you can take cover almost everywhere in the game now. Roll from behind a desk towards a corner, jump over a table to take cover next to a wall.
The AI for your companions has improved a lot, which is good, they feel more alive. Although I just let them roam free and yell out orders.

Graphics in the game (and I suspect this is demo only) has very limited settings. You don’t have all the settings for how advanced graphics you want to run, it´s just plain medium / high settings so everyone can try it out.
Although even with the settings the graphics are awesome!

What else is brand new, is that you can now play Co-op with your friends (max group size is 4), and this gives ANOTHER angle to the game. No more can you yell at your companions for have idiot AI in some cases, you just have to get annoyed on your teammates that are playing the game with you 😉

Release dates are
US – 6th March
Europe – 9th March

So off you go! Book your copy from EA Store (you can also download the demo from here)


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